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4 Ways To Make Low Carb Easy In The Summer

4 Ways To Make Low Carb Easy In The Summer

It’s officially summer in Calgary, and it’s almost Stampede time! If you’re not from Calgary and don’t know what the Stampede is, it’s essentially 10 days where everyone dresses up like a cowpoke, and we eat a lot of free pancakes. That’s according to me, though. This is actually what the Stampede is.

Summer can be a challenging time to stick to eating low carb, what with all the barbecues, get-togethers, drinkie-poos and vacations. I am here to tell you that you CAN stick to it, and it’s easy! Just follow my 4 steps below:

Eat one salad a day.

This is the best time of year to be having salads, especially if you can find a local grower for leafy greens. Farmers’ markets and CSAs (community supported agriculture) are the way to go! If you’re a gardener growing your own salad veggies, I’m guessing you’re probably already eating a salad a day, in which case, good job! Your body needs those nourishing nutrients from raw veggies. Aim for 7 cups of leafy greens per day and you’ll be doing just fine.

Dining out? Have a salad with meat + extra avocado, guacamole or bacon on the side (yes, I did just say bacon–but maybe go moderate on that suggestion). Leave out any croutons or tortilla strips.  If your restaurant offers nuts or seeds as a salad topping, all the better- ask for a small helping of those! Oil and vinegar is your safest bet for a low carb dressing, and most restaurants will oblige.


If you’re spending time outside and/or drinking alcohol (hello, all you lovely golfers who drink), you’ll need extra water to make up for what you sweat/pee out. They key here though, is to make sure your water has electrolyte minerals in it. Before I was aware of what proper hydration meant, I would drink litres upon litres of purified water and STILL be thirsty (and feel kinda bloated and gross). It was so frustrating!

You can make your own hydrator using this recipe or put a pinch of quality sea salt (or more if you’re sweating heavily) into your water. You can add a squeeze of lemon to make it tastier. I am not a fan of sports drinks, even the sugar-free ones, so if you’re left out of options, just have plain water. Spring water has some naturally occurring electrolyte minerals and is the best option that way.

Plan Ahead.

It’s the simple, little things that truly add up to big results. Do you know which meals you’ll be eating at home? You can plan to maximize the healthfulness those meals so that when you do go out to eat, you’ll have wiggle room. Do you have your favorite go-to restaurants? Find out what they serve that fits the low carb way of eating.

I know that personally, I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type of gal, and planning does not come naturally to me. When I make the effort to do even a little bit of planning though, I feel SO. MUCH. BETTER. This is because:

1. My mind is less cluttered with “what am I gonna eat”, so I have mental energy left for other important tasks and
2. I end up eating better (low carb really works for me and many of my clients), which leads to physically feeling better. Win-win-win!

Planning takes time, but saves even more time in the long run. Kinda like planning your outfit for tomorrow so you’re not wasting 5 minutes looking for a clean pair of socks in the morning. These days, I can’t think of anything more valuable than time and good health.

Don’t Sweat It

Did you indulge? Did you eat all of the things at the thing you went to? Well, don’t sweat it. Guilt is useless and isn’t a sustainable motivator anyway. It often leads to even more indulgence and guilt. It’s okay to enjoy yourself, gosh darn it! If you’re finding yourself feeling pain or excessive fatigue/general yuckiness after you indulge, or you’re stuck in a spiral of poor habits, then maybe it’s time to do a little overhauling.

I have a simple, 3-step method I have used with my clients to feel better fast, boost your energy and lose body fat, and now it’s available through my online 21-Day Summer Detox Program. It starts on July 21.  Submit your info here to stay in the loop for more details!

If you found these tips helpful, or if you have other tips on how to stay on track, let me know in the comments below. Happy summer-timing!

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