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Sweet, Sweet Sugar

Here’s another throwback to 2015, a piece about my first addiction: sugar. Sweet sweet sugar When I was just out of high school, I used to work the reception desk part-time at a motor sports dealership, across the street from Tim Hortons. I’d buy a 20-pack of Timbits (the “jam”-filled ones with powdered sugar) and demolish them during my evening shift.  I’d often have an Iced Capp to go with it. And get this: I’d be hungry an hour later. In my mind there was zero correlation between this junk I ate and my crippling IBS attacks (this was before […]

4 Ways To Make Low Carb Easy In The Summer

It’s officially summer in Calgary, and it’s almost Stampede time! If you’re not from Calgary and don’t know what the Stampede is, it’s essentially 10 days where everyone dresses up like a cowpoke, and we eat a lot of free pancakes. That’s according to me, though. This is actually what the Stampede is. Summer can be a challenging time to stick to eating low carb, what with all the barbecues, get-togethers, drinkie-poos and vacations. I am here to tell you that you CAN stick to it, and it’s easy! Just follow my 4 steps below: Eat one salad a day. This is […]