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Nutrition? I Eat Junk Food

Throwback Time I wrote this back in November 2015, a freshly minted graduate of holistic nutrition school. The original post, along with the rest of the short-lived, meme-heavy blog,  lives at www.nutritionistconfessional.tumblr.com. I will freely admit that, while my Instagram account (@healthymagda) often has pictures of healthy, low carb food, I still indulge in junk food and wine– especially when I’m stressed out. So, don’t worry so much if you’re in the same boat. We’re all human (and I can assure you, LOTS of nutrition professionals eat like crap more than they care to admit). Enjoy this throwback! NOTE: I […]

3 Reasons You Should Eat Low Carb

Low Carb- Just A Fad? The concept of low carb has been documented as early as 1797, when Dr. John Rollo, a Scottish military surgeon, prescribed a low carb diet for soldiers with diabetes. Much earlier than that (roughly 5000 years back), Indian physician Susruta witnessed a disease “brought on by gluttonous overindulgence in rice, flour, and sugar,”. That disease was diabetes. Diabetes, however prevalent, is just one consequence related to a diet that’s too high in carbs for your body to handle. There are many, many more, including: •elevated triglycerides •fatty liver •sleepiness and/or fatigue •mood swings •depression-like symptoms •anxiety-like […]